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  • Comprehensive Session – A one on one consultation with Dee where she provides an in-depth Health Assessment, Diet Review, Medical Interaction Plan and exercise guidelines as a Nutritional Counselor.  This 90 minute session can be done in person, over the phone or consultations can happen via email, Google+ Hangouts and Skype!

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  • Cooking Classes – Learn the healthiest ways to prepare meals at home after a cooking demonstration with Dee at Natural Grocers. Become more confident in the kitchen while using whole foods. Dee will show you how to make any recipe  heart healthy, low in sodium, fat, and cholesterol without taking the delicious taste away.  Classes can be booked and some can be On Line Video sessions!

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  • Eat, Drink and Be Wary- Classes – Meet Dee for a “Field Trip” lunch!  Learn which menu items are healthier than others and discuss the importance of portion control and timing of meals.  Find out how to become more disciplined while dining out by skipping the bread basket and avoiding sugar laden high calorie beverages.  Helen will teach you how to be aware while you eat and enjoy every meal!

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  • Grocery Store Tours –Learn how a grocery store is set up. Find out where the healthy foods are located, how to read and understand the food label so you can “Eat This, Not That”. Dee can teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods without affecting your health by making some simple substitutions!

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  •  Athletic Nutrition Consulting – The type of foods that an athlete puts into their bodies will determine how muscle is built, toned and the physical power and energy their body will have.  Foods that an athlete eats for jobs such as a linebacker will be different from foods that a sprinter will need…and the foods that a sprinter will need will be different from the foods that a dancer will need.  This program is designed to be individual, unique and comprehensive by intent in order to improve training, performance, recovery and preservation on and off the field.  Appointments may be conducted in person, via Skype or via email.


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