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Make Your Own Outdoor Sink…

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We have a huge patio with an outdoor kitchen that we love to spend time in when it’s Spring, Summer and Fall…we’ve always had an outdoor sink, but I wanted to put one in that looked really nice!


Before I went out and found what I was looking for, I prepared the area I wanted the sink in.  I cleaned and levelled out a spot, dug a hole for the Gray water to drain into…put in a bottomless plastic pot and filled the bottom with 2″ of sand, then another 2″ of pea gravel.  The hole is about 18″ deep…


I also had access to irrigation water, which is where I hooked up my water..both my solar water heater and my cold water…



My husband made this base for my sink after I went out and found a double Porcelain sink at a garage sale…cast iron so it’s heavy duty!  The base was done with 2X4’s and I wanted a little counter-top so that I could put in a dish drainer for cleaning up the food prep and my husband added about 18″ extra.  Now, I will say that you don’t have to have a base made like I did, you can also find a dresser at a Thrift store or you can make one out of pallets (Ours was made out of pallets before we did this one)…just depends on the look that you are after and how much you want to spend.  The sink that I got I looked around at Thrift Stores and garage sales and they ran anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00 for the good ones.  I bought this one at a garage sale for 30.00!…which was a real steal…


My husband measured the sink, added the 18″ and created the base out of scape wood we had lying around.  He stained it to match the Post and Beam Ramadas that he built me a couple years ago…




I did have to buy a Faucet and I got a pretty cheap one from Walmart for about 20.00.  After we dropped the sink into the base, I used some plumbing supplies in order to hook up the faucet to the water supplies in the irrigation hose…



The hot water is supplied using a Solar Hot Water heater and then that hose is hooked up to the hot water side of the faucet…on a sunny day that water gets piping hot!…



This was super simple once I got my sink and base done…and it works like a dream!





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