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Plant Based Diet:


The “Basic” Vegan.

All you need to know to start on your journey to better health and a commitment to a better life!
This class will help you adjust easier into this lifestyle, give you choices you didn’t know you had and
better knowledge to deal with food choices you may not want and why….Taste Testing in class. This Class will go over Plant Based Milks, which to use and why, Plant based “Quick Cheeses”, Plant based Eggs (ever run out of eggs or not want to use your Chicken eggs?), Plant based “Meat” (Actually, pioneers used this technique in order to have the protein they needed in their diet while they travelled across the US!), and Plant Based “Gelatins”.  (We also take into consideration those that have special dietary needs, you’ll need to email that to us when you sign up for the class!)

This is a 1 hour class.     40.00/person.  Discount program is included…if you book 10 people (the minimum size for a class), your class is FREE or if you have already taken this class, you can take 40.00 CASH for booking the minimum students.

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Functional Foods:

Functional Food is a term used when there is a greater benefit to your health than just getting nutrition.  The food is used to improve a “health Issue” in your life.  A lot of times people will go to the store and buy an herb or supplement to help their situation or condition.  Replacing the supplement or herb with a specific “type” of food may be more beneficial then spending the money on things at the store.

The Basic’s of Functional Foods:  Here, eat this root!:

This series of classes is all about how to put menus and a diet plan together so that the meals become the medicine…30 minute presentation with 60 minute Question and Answer session.     55.00/person

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The “Diabetic” Plate:

This class is all about the diabetic “Glycemic” diet.  what it is, what to look for, why to eat certain things and why to stay away from other things…recipes are included.
30 minute presentation with 60 minute Question and Answer session.     55.00/person

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Mother Natures Remedy Box: The First Season

This manual is used in all the Make Your Own Medicine classes.  A very simple reference book on simple herbs and spices that most people have in their homes or gardens and the medicinal qualities those plants have and how they were used through the ages….12.99.

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I Can Be Prepared….by Johnnie Epperson

This manual is used in many of the How To videos that we offer.  Important information on where to buy food, how to store it and how to use it if there is a disaster.  What types of foods you should store and how much per person.  Food storage can be an important staple in your life if you have lost your job, if there is a disaster or if you just live to far away from the store.   12.99.

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