Spa-t of Tea Club


Skin Care Analyst/Licensed Esthetician

South Pacific Health Scientist

Medical Analysis and Consulting




Gardening Classes

(These classes take place in late Spring, Summer and early fall)

DIY/Essential Living Classes

(These classes are great for Outdoor living, camping or Emergency prep)


Make Your Own Medicine Series

(There are 8 different classes to sign up for so you can make your own OTC Medicines)

Make Your Own Medicine-Lab Series

(These 8 different lab classes accompany the lecture series for hands on training)

Make Your Own Medicine – Sign Up!


Shop4Me!  Healthy Home

(This is a Group Garden Center Tour to help you design your landscape with functional purpose…not only will your yard look beautiful, but you can use the plants to Make Your Own Medicines!)

Shop4Me! Healthy Living

(This is a Group Store Tour to help you learn how to make your own “Green Cleaning Supplies”)

Shop4Me! Health Foods

(This is a Group Grocery Store Tour to help you learn how to substitute unhealthy foods for healthy foods, the difference between Organic, GMO and Non-GMO foods and regular grown foods, how to read a label and what the chemicals REALLY are)

Shop4Me! – Sign up!



Kitchen Classes

These classes teach you how to have a plant based diet…How to make your own plant milk, what plant milk to use in what recipes and why…How to make your own “Meat Substitute”, How to make your own Cooking substitutes….

Short Classes

These are classes that are On Line and skyped for large groups.  These classes will be listed below as the forum develops. Classes are paid for via Paypal, the recorded versions will remain on line for 6 weeks if you miss your class.

…this is a 90 minute scheduled class with 30 minutes of Question and Answer.  Links for handouts and recipes….55.00 per student.


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