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No Comments on Food Tip…Salads and Vinaigrettes

As a Vegan, salads are my life!  So, there are a few things about putting salads together and dressing them that you should know.

First, when you have hardier and heavier greens like Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, toss those first before you add the lighter greens, otherwise, the heavier greens will take over the Salad and you’ll lose everything to the bottom.

Next…did you know that Oils in a Vinaigrette will penetrate the surface of vegetables and drives the air out..and then the vegetable (or lettuce) will lose it’s color and wilt?…So you will want to add the Vinaigrette just as the salad is to be served and eaten…

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No Comments on Food Tip…Making Jam

I make my own Jam all the time, my oldest daughter gave me a bread maker one year that makes Jam so, I use it all the time!  One thing that you need to remember when you are making your own jam is that some fruits “gel” better then others.  Fruits that are high in Pectin like grapes, apples and some citrus set better then others like berries or apricots, which may need more Pectin in order to get a good set.  Do a water test to make sure your Jam is going to set like you want it to…

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No Comments on Food Tip…Fresh is always better

Most Fruits and Vegetables should be used as soon as you pick them, otherwise they don’t just lose flavor, they start to protect themselves….Did you know that corn and peas lose up to 40% of their sugar’s within 6 hours after harvesting?  The sweetest corn and peas will be right from the garden.  Did you know that Broccoli and Asparagus will start to use their sugars to create indigestible woody fibers after they are picked.  Fresh is always better!  Need some tips about growing your own garden, even if you think you don’t have the room?  Follow some of our Essential Living posts on Vertical Gardening or Aquaponic Gardening!…

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No Comments on Food Tip…Aromas and Flavors

To keep the mouthwatering smell of food intact…try braising or cooking in Parchment paper.  Instead of that delicious smell and flavor escaping into the air, you’ll trap it and make it seep back into the food…

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